Surgeon Craps (downloadable)

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Clever playing rules, with a “catch”, that take advantage of basic craps principals. For ALL playing levels.

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SURGEONS CRAPS by Larry Voight             (Downloadable)

Hello craps players. My name is Larry Voight, and I was employed at the Sands and at the Riviera in Las Vegas for many years as pit boss, floor supervisor, and eventually as casino manager. I’ve also played craps for over forty years, and have played professionally for the last twelve. I’ve written numerous articles for various gaming publications and conduct private craps seminar sessions on occasion. Many of you might of heard of my Situation & Sequence craps strategy. The following SURGEON CRAPS strategy is so good I made it the core move in my latest method, ADVANCED SURGEON’S CRAPS!

With that having been said, let me tell you about a hard-hitting craps technique I identified years ago that was employed by one of my casino customers in Las Vegas. He played on the Strip for years and made a six-figure + income doing it. And, since he was a well-known retired plastic surgeon from LA, I named his method SURGEON CRAPS!! 

Let’s face it, most craps players are steady losers because they do the same things every time they go to the tables….without enough common sense to try to find out why they were losing. I’ve watched hundreds of these types play for years…. and they never seemed to learn “how to win”. The SURGEON was another story. He figured out why he was losing and then, the smart guy that he was, perfected a unique method of play to win regularly!  And I physically watched him do it for more than decade….without cheating!


After eventually noticing his regular success at my pits, I began to scrutinize his play every chance I got. I watched him play dozens of winning sessions, I even took notes. His method was “special” and I really wanted to figure it out. And finally I did!

As you know, most craps systems that have been offered to the gaming public mostly work only with a hot roll and a hot shooter. Unfortunately, these situations are rare at best. But what about those long stretches of lukewarm or choppy conditions? Why let a choppy table “dice you up” before the action really starts? Sometimes serious money is lost during these “periods of inactivity”. The beauty of the SURGEON’S method is that it makes the player a taker, not a giver, during these “slow” times! Why go home prematurely without ever experiencing the hot roll?

The SURGEON brilliantly designed his technique to take advantage of these “cold” lapses and cleverly, with a catch, allows you to stay “in the game” until a hot shoot occurs. What more could you ask from any dice strategy? SURGEON CRAPS will show you a winning angle that overcomes and actually takes advantage of these lapses, on a regular basis…..right up to when the dice start to heat up again.

Now, with a hot table, anybody can win! You can go back to your own winning strategy at this point……or stay with the SURGEON right up to the end. It does not matter. The SURGEON will get you “over the hump “and it will be all gravy from then on! And remember, the SURGEON requires betting more when winning and less when losing. Consequently, when a win streak finally does come along, you will sure to be there for the big score!

Once the SURGEON shows you how and why the strategy works, you will want to play its simple concept immediately! Only FIVE easy rules of play will take your game to the next level! Rules that take advantage of basic craps principals…..but with a winning “catch” so simple it will amaze you, as it did me.

With the SURGEON you get all of my skills and the experience on how to use it. These are playing angles that I use in my own personal application of this system. This information alone is worth many times the low purchase price.


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