Surgeon Craps

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Clever playing rules, with a “catch”, that take advantage of basic craps principals. For ALL playing levels.

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SURGEON CRAPS by Larry Voight

Hello craps players. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Larry Voight, and I was employed in Las Vegas for many years as pit boss, floor supervisor, and eventually as casino manager. I’ve also played craps for over forty years, and have played professionally for the last twelve. I’ve written numerous articles for various gaming publications and conduct private craps seminar sessions on occasion. Many of you might of heard of my Situation & Sequence Craps Strategy.

With that having been said, let me tell you about a hard hitting craps strategy shown to me a few years ago by one of my professional playing “associates” in Las Vegas, who has been playing it successfully for years . And, as it turns out, he is a retired surgeon from LA. Thus the name SURGEON CRAPS!! 

Let’s face it, more craps players are steady losers each and every time they go into a casino because they do the same things…… every time they go to the tables….without enough sense to gain the knowledge that will increase their chances of making a score. The SURGEON perfected his method of play to do just that.


As you know, many craps systems have been offered to the gaming public, but all mostly work only with hot rolls and hot shooters. Unfortunately, these situations are rare at best.

But what happens during those long stretches of lukewarm or choppy conditions? Why let a choppy table dice you up before the action really starts? Sometimes serious money is lost during these “periods of inactivity”. Become a taker not a giver during these “slow” times. Why go home prematurely without ever experiencing the hot roll?

SURGEON CRAPS is designed to take advantage of these “cold” lapses and smartly, with a catch, allows you to stay “in the game” until a hot shoot occurs. What else could you ask from a strategy?

Are you a disciplined craps player? If you are, you already know what winning craps is all about……except during those slow conditions of inactivity.

SURGEON CRAPS will show you a winning angle to overcome and actually take advantage of these lapses, on a regular basis, right up to when the dice start to heat up again.

You can pick up your own winning strategy at this point……or stay with the Surgeon right up to the end. It does not matter. The Surgeon will take you “over the hump “and it will be all gravy from there.

If you are not a disciplined player…….and you love to fire with all cylinders and just love the action…and think you never can play under control – SURGEON CRAPS can help you here too.

Surgeon requires you to bet more when you win and less when you lose so, when a win streak comes along, you are there for the big score!

When you see how and why this strategy works, you will want to play under its simple playing rules. Yes, these FIVE easy rules of play will take your game to the next level! Rules that take advantage of basic craps principals…..but with a winning “catch” that is so simple it will amaze you as it did me. With SURGEON CRAPS , the casino has to fight to get your money….and fight hard.


You will get the strategy and all of my skills on how to use it. This includes the craps knowledge that I use in my own personal application of this system. This information alone is worth many times more than the small purchase price.

You really have nothing to lose.  Remember, a little bit of knowledge can go a long way in making you a winner.

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