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The mission of the FORMULA Booster Report is to demonstrate how to play the strategy effectively and, importantly, to highlight why uninformed users do not.

Its findings are the result of 6 years of actual track play by both our Beta testers and thousands of plays by author Arthur Stanley. The report includes a User’s Check-List, presented as a review detailing the system’s optimum playing protocols and procedures and how to effectively apply them.

An in-depth amplification of the critical element of the FORMULA, the peak race, is presented to further reinforce its importance to the concept. Particularly, strong playing opportunities for “matching” peaks are discussed.  

Crucial explosive tendencies for 2, 3, and 4YOs are revealed. An unbelievable maximum BIG BET “mega” combination strategy scenario between the FORMULA and another Arthur Stanley method is revealed yielding spectacular results. If you don’t already own this “other” strategy… you will after reading this blockbuster report.  

As a user, you already know how powerful the FORMULA method is. Now get even better results by taking advantage of 6 years of field testing by the man who wrote it! The FORMULA has produced more documented “Stanley Saturday Selections” BEST BETS than any other methodology, and all at big prices! Be sure to have the original FORMULA strategy at hand in order to fully maximize the value of the report’s information and documented examples. Master these examples and you will have mastered the best method on the market!

THE FORMULA BOOSTER REPORT available in download$35    

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