The Sting


Get a 99:1 payoff with 3 rolls of the dice and only a $7 outlay. For ALL playing levels.

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 THE STING       by Ed Kelly


This book consists of 4 fabulous invisible secrets devised specifically for the “action player”!  It is used by many professionals and is tailored for the shooter who loves to play the proposition bets (hardways, any craps, parlays etc.). Individually, any four of these strategies will make you a winner when employed correctly. Add them to your present method of play and they will provide a powerful leverage tool that will represent the difference between winning…..and winning BIG!

Ed Kelly has been playing his strategy for years in Reno and is known there as “The Sting”. Find out how he has “Stung” the casinos there for decades.

You will flip out when you see how easily you can win thousands of dollars utilizing Ed Kelly’s four unique and amazing “crap secrets”! With experience comes knowledge, and with Ed’s craps knowledge comes…..the “The Sting”!

Ed’s ingenious plays will allow you to cash in on “boxcar” payoffs with a minimum investment.

Get a 99 to 1 payoff with only three rolls of the dice and with an outlay of only $7!

Learn to turn a Pass Line bet of $5 into HUNDREDS of $$!

And whoever said Field parlays are for losers? Ed’s “Pass and Field Parlay” will astound you with the amount of leverage a “Sting” player can attain with a simple $10 wager. Sharp players have been beating the “Field Bet” for years using Ed’s technique. So, what is the “Sting”?

Incredibly plays, with minimum outlays, yielding astonishing results!

THE STING will win in any casino in the world. Playing it actually will “sting your toes”. And, unlike most other strategies, THE STING will tell you when NOT to use its powerful plays. This allows the player to bide his time until the table is perfectly ripe for an explosive application of….. THE STING!

This technique is not for the feint hearted. But you may never find an easier way to collect serious money, so quickly, and by risking so little.

This critical information is sure to produce a serious UPGRADE to your craps game!

 The cost of THE STING is $35.00.     (hardcopy)

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