The Twist


Let’s the tote board handicap! An ingenious selection method with a “TWIST”. For the Average player.

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THE TWIST by David Merrick

Racing fans across the country……listen closely. Whether you are a beginner or an expert…or somewhere in between…it doesn’t t make any difference. Let racing expert Gene Merrick show you how to earn a comfortable income from playing the horses….full or part time. And. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!!


The TWIST is hot. The TWIST is new.  Jump on the bandwagon and receive all of its benefits! This “private” information is completely different from any and all handicapping thinking you’ve ever seen before….bar none. AND IT IS NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE AT ANY PRICE!

It is absolutely incredible that our incredible “Form” can do so much…it’s like having your own ATM machine at the racetrack.  

This secret TWIST is found in any standard race track program booklet sold daily at the track that, until now, only a few inside people knew about and cashed in on. Now it is your turn!

Using the TWIST is almost a license to steal…AND IT IS 100% LEGAL.  There are four essential points to remember about the TWIST:

  1. What we are offering is different so different you won’t believe when you use it.
  2. It is so easy to use that it takes only A COUPLE OF MINUTES to put into operation at all tracks or simulcast parlors.
  3. Works with any track program.
  4. It is easy to understand. You can pick your plays soon after reading my discovery.

An average player can easily make money dollars each and every week because this “Form” takes only a few minutes to compile and fill out while using only the track program.  While using the program you will be instructed how spot the TWIST!.

No one has ever used this method before. It is absolutely incredible that the one “Form”, which I will send you, can do so much! It is MEANT TO BE USED…NOT JUST READ! Nothing could be easier, just fill out the “Form” as instructed and then just put it into action! With the “TWIST” you will bring home the “bacon” from any track or OTB that sells a program… and they all do!

Again, anyone will be able to use this form…an amateur, a novice, a seasoned veteran at the track, a man, a woman…anyone. You will master the concept just by reading it once. It is quick to win and with fantastic results. It is a positively consistent means of making selections.

Don’t be the racing fan who for years has become accustomed to following rule after rule in making their picks. They go through elimination after elimination, then pile one qualification on another until they come up with one or more choices. It seems always to fail in the end.

But there is a better means of picking winners consistently. The results of my discovery will satisfy you.  The first day of use will prove to you how well this strategy works. It is a unique race track opportunity with BOTH a high potential AND a high yield. Send for the secret form immediately.

Order the TWIST and I will send you its winning secret along with the fabulous but simple “Form” and the instructions on how to use it.

 The cost of THE TWIST is $50.00. 

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