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A real work of genius! Your win/place hit rate is going to go thru the roof!                    Tom Console, author, The Ultimate Racetrack Investor

So you think you’ve read everything there is about speed figures? Well, you haven’t read our 60-page BEYER SECRETS report, detailing everything you need to know to be a winning speed figure player! Now, for the first time, a “Survival Kit User’s Manual” for the use of speed figures! Remember, whether it’s Beyers, Equibase, or Brisnet, the figures found in most track programs are constructed similarly and therefore the principles presented in BEYER SECRETS apply to them also. All speed figure usage techniques exposed in BEYER SECRETS were designed to enhance any handicapping strategy or selection method, regardless of the performance profiles it requires. Our goal is for you to produce more winners.  


  1. How to project and modify speed figures to greatly increase their accuracy.
  2. When to expect a performance improvement or decline.
  3. Exposing the “hidden improvement” number to “catch” a longshot before the public realizes it
  4. How to use speed figures to take advantage of “trainer’s intent”, workouts within a race, and class manipulation when projecting a number.
  5. Learn when grass speed figures can be “disastrous”.
  6. How to spot the “compound improving” stake horse.
  7. The “fading while leading” tipoff move.
  8. Spotting the “absolute” ready-to-run horse.
  9. The “finished dead last then wins easy” longshot.
  10. The classic “3-race improvement” pattern.
  11. Projecting the absolute “absolute” bounce.
  12. The “today will be the day” angle.
  13. The “confirming favorite” speed figure number.
  14. The “looks bad on paper” projection.
  15. The “hidden improvement + preparation” pattern.
  16. Analyzing the “Beyer Leap”.
  17. How speed figures can beat class.
  18. Why the layoff number is “the key to the future”.
  19. When to expect the “long” longshot.
  20. When to jump on the “repeat” number.
  21. The “distance drop” speed figure signal
  22. The “one furlong with class drop” alert.   

All of these speed figure moves are amplified with charts, past performances, and race descriptions. This report reveals everything you need to know about speed figures. The report is not fancy…just factual! These are proven speed figure angles documented by hard results…the numbers don’t lie!

Yes, by “understanding” speed figure projection, you will now be able to “hone in” on that big Win, Place, or Show bet with more confidence! And, even by betting modestly, your chances of hitting a major exacta or trifecta have grown considerably. It’s all in the numbers!.   (60 pages)

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