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Author: Jim Robbins
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EASY MONEY   by Jim Robbins

This 34-page book offers a collection of three powerful Jim Robbins’ methods, each of which have been sold separately and each excellent handicapping values on their own.  We are now offering, as an Introductory offer to Newsletter and HOTLINE readers, EASY MONEY, a collection of three of Jim Robbin’s best winning strategies: The FAST ANGLE; The ATM METHOD;  and The LUCKY 7 (also known as THE 7-WORD SYSTEM).

All three methods are simple to use and boast high win %’s and consistently steady profits.

FAST ANGLE: Jim’s Fast Angle method is an easy-to-apply selection method geared precisely to exposing the high-priced longshot…quickly! Not only “lightning quick”, it is overall his most popular system You can figure an entire race in about one minute (seriously), yet still picks winners at GREAT prices. We document a $50 horse as an example in the instructions.

Remember, cheaper claimers constantly move up and down the “claiming ladder”. The trick is to play them when they are in their “comfort zone”…ready to run well even if the horse has not won for two years! Jim’s clever ITM (In-the-Money) rule uses the power of “descending odds” to highlight the hot claimer when it reaches this “zone”.

Although geared for horses with 4:1 odds or greater, by implementing Jim’s ITM (In-the-Money) rule in certain lower odds scenarios, the method then becomes an absolute “destroyer” for “BIG BET” play. In this mode, the FAST ANGLE becomes perfect for Win-Place-Show players. Overall, the key advantage of the FAST ANGLE is that it eliminates unprofitable races and unprofitable horses before running the method. This saves you both time and money. This is why the method has sold separately for $70!

ATM (Automatic Thoroughbred Method): Jim’s ATM is an outstanding system for almost any track. It puts the horses in numerical order according to how they are expected to run. In other words, it quickly and accurately ranks the horses for you!

ATM has been winning at about 44%+ (and that is just flat bet Win tickets.) It requires about 3 minutes per race and does not require charts, a computer or any complex math.

Once you learn its secrets, you will realize how fast and effective the ATM method really is. Once you learn it, you will see for yourself that it is fast, simple and effective. In fact, the original version was Beta tested by real players like our newsletter readers for over two years, just to make sure that this once-complicated system could be streamlined and made easy for any player and at any level. The system works by combining two powerful and complicated factors into a simple method that wins about 44% of the time. You’ll get plenty of 10:1(+) WIN action and, since the qualifiers are in ranked order, the method is ideal for exacta and trifecta players. Sold separately for $50.

The LUCKY 7 (also known as THE 7 WORD SYSTEM): Jim’s LUCKY 7 is a system that is defined by 7 pertinent words! The strategy is totally in the name! And the great thing about LUCKY 7 is, there is absolutely no handicapping involved!  This fast and simple system builds your bankroll almost automatically.  Jim tracked this incredibly simple wager for two years, 2004 – 2006, and it showed a significant profit each year! Check it out for yourself before you play it. The results will astound you! You won’t get rich fast playing within its guidelines, but you’ll do pretty well.

Look at these recent LUCKY 7 results:

(7 of 10 plays in this no-handicapping method finished at least 3rd)

LUCKY 7 sells for separately for $30

All three methods have low “runouts” (losing streaks), are very easy to learn, and are both quick and accurate. Also included are many chart examples and race descriptions. The examples used are not old races from worthless tracks run back in the 1980’s. These examples are newer races, real races, races that you may recall playing.

And finally, Jim has been handicapping and picking winners for over 30 years. In addition, he is also the Feature Editor of and has developed handicapping solutions for other world-wide companies and other top professional handicappers.  He also has reviewed and tested systems for the prestigious Phillips Newsletter since 2006! Yes, real-life racetrack professionals pay Jim for his handicapping advice!

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