The Doppler Advanced Pass Line Strategy (downloadable)

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Shows how to bet optimal amounts at strategically critical times.A WINNING PASS METHOD. For the AVERAGE player.

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by Dr. Richard Doppler                                        (Downloadable)

Craps Players: I am personally e-mailing Gambler’s Emporium buyers to alert you of the availability of my DOPPLER ADVANCED PASS-LINE STRATEGY, at an all-time low price! Please consider this:  

We all know there are times when shooters start consistently hitting a lot of “numbers”, a time when the Pass Line players rejoice and make money and the Don’t Pass players “head for the hills”! Years ago I came up with this strategy, a method designed to take advantage of this inevitable “swing in the action”, while also benefitting BOTH the Right and the Wrong player!

Pass Line players will always make money when sevens are nowhere to be found and point numbers start flowing like oil! But are you making as much as you can with the least amount of risk of capital? Doppler Advanced will show you how to maximize your “take” during this hot streak and, importantly, with a minimal amount of loss at the shoot-ending “7-out”!

No ruinous pressing! No low percentage hedge bets! This is not a gimmick-loaded system requiring a big bankroll. Now, for Pass Line players, “out seven” will no longer be a death chant.

Don’t Pass players will no longer have to leave the table to search for a cold shooter! Why suffer the agony of seeing many point numbers thrown with numerous “passes of the dice”? Now you don’t have to wait for a hot table to turn cold! The Doppler Advanced Pass Line will show the Don’t player how to still make money when the 7’s have all but disappeared.

Now you can take full advantage of the action, even if the call is “pay the line-take the Don’ts”!

The pro-structured leveraged OPTIMAL PLACE BET is the answer for both.

The Doppler Advanced Pass Line Strategy uses the Optimal Place Bet, a precise place betting concept, together with a unique leveraging technique of odds wagering.  This betting combination will consistently produce the maximum bet coverage with a minimum of loss exposure. This sound strategy will keep you statistically in control of every wager made.  You will never be stuck with a high bet on a low percentage play! And you will always be taking the best casino odds available, at the right time and with the exact amounts!

Works on Hot, Cold, or Choppy tables.

 The cost of the Download… $23


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