THE KILLER 20 METHOD by Arthur Stanley (download)


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Saturday-July 23 –Saratoga-RACE 8- #5 – Stage Left….$30.20

                               Saratoga – RACE 3 – #7 – Union Lake…..$15.80  

                               Monmouth -RACE6 – #2-Awesom Again….$8.20

                                                  RACE12 – #1 – Cyberknife…..$17.60

                               Woodbine- RACE 7 – #5 – Harlan Estate…$9.20

                    BELMONT DAY – RACE1 – #2, Quickflash……..$30.80

THE KILLER 20 METHOD    by Arthur Stanley    (download)

Some players actually read the workouts as listed at the bottom of the past performances. But most randomly glance at the listed dates, times, and workout distances…making small talk with their friends if they see a bullet. The KILLER 20 handicapping method will put an end to all of that.

The KILLER 20 will flag winners from any age group and racing class…from unraced maidens to the veteran older handicap horse, to any horse in-between. Turf or dirt, sprint or route…it does not matter. If the workout pattern is there, the KILLER 20 will reveal the “hot” horse. So what exactly is this “KILLER 20”?

 It is a conditioning routine experienced trainers use as an ultimate preparation tool for a “big” race. Many, like myself, were taught the process by their training mentors. Some even apply the technique unknowingly, having arrived at it by chance from years of handling thoroughbreds. To my knowledge, this methodology has never been put on paper before.  I’ve used it for years!

What you will get in the KILLER 20 METHOD is a report detailing the precise workout pattern to look for when evaluating workouts for any horse at any age. Used by sharp trainers regularly, the pattern is clear and easy to spot…..once the strategy is revealed to you. Picking workout winners can be easy….. if you know how!       

$20   (download)



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