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Author: Dennis Nash
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Editor’s Note: Denny Nash authored four best-selling handicapping systems/books: Bet to Win for a LivingThe Greatest Horseracing System Ever WrittenWatch & Win, and now, his all-time Best Seller, THORO-PROFITS!

Dear Racing Fans: The ideas presented in this book are not traditional and in no way “groundbreaking”. Instead, they are integrations of three worlds, the horseracing world, the financial world, and the world of psychology. Trainers, Jockeys, Owners, and even the Racetracks have the same world goals in mind .all striving to come out financial winners. And all of these “worlds” are inter-woven!


Denny Nash, being one of the most innovative Turf authors ever, has the unique ability of applying relevant real-world situations to the art of thoroughbred handicapping. For example, who else could equivocate a horse race to a financial transaction, with each race having the opportunity of earning interest? Kenny cleverly does this by applying the Business Rule of 72 to the current handicapping process by associating the factors of track visits and races played to give you an on-going barometer of the efficiency of your play.  

The entire strategy is designed to get you into a “winner’s mindset” immediately by using Denny’s 70% Win Rate Play!  Its concept will amaze all speed figure players. Yes, 70% or more of all winners have run the top speed figure necessary to win this race….but not necessarily in its last race. Many times it is hidden and hard to find for the untrained eye. Denny gives an ingenious figure elimination process that will result in 4 contender choices. One of these top 4 choices will WIN the race!  Users are guaranteed to cash a ticket in 70%+ of the races wagered on! It works on grass, mud, routes, sprints, any track anywhere, anytime. As long as you’re playing one of the top speed figure methods available (Beyer, Equibase, Brisnet, etc.)

Includes Denny’s 10 Ultimate Thoro-Angles:

  1. Third time maiden lasix-blinker angle. A strong longshot producer.
  2. Turf sprint to route angle. Sharp trainers use it, chalk players miss it!
  3. Spot the ready horse up to 4 races after the claim.
  4. The 4th horse “exacta extractor” angle.
  5. The step-up in class and distance longshot producer.
  6. The “false favorite” detective.
  7. The double-drop longshot “bombardier”.
  8. The high-priced, high percentage “cold” exacta box.
  9. The different owner, same trainer, Stake Race maneuver.
  10. The ultimate 1st race off of a layoff “crusher”.
  11. Includes the famous “Longshot 6-1+ System”, the best win-place system on the market. Contains superior elimination and qualifying rules. Produces consistent double-digit odds longshots on any surface or distance.
  12. Includes a Money Management Plan that is virtually Fail-Safe when applied to Denny’s Best Bets Selections. Why flush your winnings down the toilet before the last race?
  13. Includes actual race samples for every strategy!
  14. Includes pertinent Questions and Answers!
  15. Includes a Table of Contents  (53 pages of handicapping)

Experts around the world have claimed that it’s impossible to beat the races over time…that is, over time the odds are in favor of the track and you will ultimately lose. We say…”Oh Really”?

With Thoro-Profits smart spot wagering you CAN in fact, put the odds in YOUR favor……$29 (download)




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