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Author: Arthur Stanley
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by Arthur Stanley  

Are you playing POWER LYNK with maximum efficiency?  

We all know horseracing strategies are based on a compilation of certain key indicators (recency, distances, surface, etc.). The results of extensive trial and error can sometimes warrant the upgrading or downgrading of some of these key factors. Arthur Stanley has accomplished this with his new POWER LYNK  STRATEGY BOOSTER REPORT!

It is a player’s user’s guide that was developed as the result of over 8 years of Arthur’s actual on-track play..  

It does NOT include the basic original strategy, the past-purchase of the original non-computer method is required.

Since Arthur has played all of his strategies more than any human being alive, he is uniquely qualified to critique each one. After over a decade of year-round use, Arthur has made several crucial playing observations that only he, the author and developer of the system, can fully comprehend.

This “report” offers a Strategy Tune-up Guide detailing the  four  critical key handicapping procedures required.

9 impactful strategy play amplifications are included that directly address eight years of “observation and testing”…some are major....all will make you money! Actual system charts are referred to as examples.

Be sure to have the original strategy at hand (NOT THE COMPUTER VERSION) in order to fully maximize the value of the report’s findings.

This is new critical information that is sure to increase each individual POWER LYNK player’s win rate. Get this data now …from the man who wrote the book!

 Download Cost…..$25



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